Tru Bru Organic Coffee



For most of us, mornings and coffee go hand-in-hand.  It seems that we cannot wake up properly without our morning brew to give us that nudge we need to start our day.  I am a coffee lover. I thoroughly enjoy my morning routine of grinding my own coffee beans and drinking a fresh cup to get my day started.

We pride ourselves on choosing healthy and organic foods, but have we considered our coffee?  Coffee is the third most pesticide sprayed, agricultural crop in the world behind cotton and tobacco.  Roasting coffee above 450 degrees can burn off any residual chemicals, but the real problem is the effect it has on the environment and on the farmers.  Individual health risks for drinking non-organic coffee is still up for debate.  

Tru Bru Organic Coffee’s owner, Suely, is passionate about health and having an earth conscious approach to life and business.  The owner wants to provide her patrons with the “truest” form of coffee as well as organic, wholesome food, fresh pastries and beverages.  This health conscious, coffee lover’s cafe is in Orange across from Santiago Canyon College.  With free wifi and a cozy setting it is a popular spot for students and business people.

The owner of Tru Bru Organic Coffee grew up in Sao Paolo, Brazil where coffee is part of the culture. The aroma and taste of good coffee remind Suely of her childhood, where her mother would roast her own coffee beans.  She understands that good-quality, freshly roasted coffee beans make the very best tasting coffee to drink. That is what she wants her patrons to experience.  The beans are sourced from only the highest quality, organic coffee beans from around the world and roasted in small batches. “The coffee bean is a perishable food and a few days after being roasted starts to lose some of its flavor, aroma, health benefits and the qualities that are unique to it”, says Suely. The exact freshness is often debated, but the general consensus is that 7-10 days after roasting, the coffee starts to lose its freshness.

All café items are non-GMO and organic.  They serve organic 2% milk, almond, coconut-almond and hemp milk.  They do not serve soymilk. The breakfast menu includes a breakfast burrito, breakfast sandwich, avocado toast, breakfast scramble and oatmeal.  Lunch items include organic salads and sandwiches and a daily soup.

They carry the same commitment to quality in their bakery.  Their dessert and pastries are baked fresh on site everyday using only the finest ingredients.  The owner strives to have Tru Bru Organic Coffee be a reflection of the wholesome, organic, nutritious way of life she lives and enjoys. Her vision is reflected in everything, from high quality coffee to healthy food, that Tru Bru offers.  I would come here every day if this gem of a coffee shop was near my home.