Greenleaf Gourmet Chop Shop



With a slogan like “Eat Well, Live Well”, Greenleaf Chop Shop’s purpose is quite simple. They back up that mantra with a menu that offers high quality, fresh ingredients from local vendors, transformed into creative food combinations served in a casual, relaxed environment.

This is not some boring old salad stop.  While they do have an extensive list of delicious salads to choose from, they also have hot entrees, sandwiches and more.

Ingredients and where they come from are important things here at Thrive & Dine and so we put Greenleaf to the test, questioning everything from the variety of organic produce to whether or not their beef comes from grass fed cows.  How did they do? Pretty well.  Not everything at Greenleaf is organic, so if you want to know which organic offerings they are serving, simply ask for the list they keep on hand.  They serve free-range chicken that is antibiotic free and their beef is grass fed.  Unfortunately, their salmon is farm raised, so that’s one menu item we cannot recommend, but their ahi is wild caught, so if you’re craving fish, go for the ahi here. They have some delicious salad dressings (try the spicy Caesar or the seasonal citrus basil) all made with extra virgin olive oil. Their bacon is nitrate free and they offer gluten free alternatives for their sandwich bread and pizza crusts. There are vegan and vegetarian options, too.

The Pesto Chicken Panini is one of my favorites if I’m looking for a heartier meal than a salad. Other delicious items to try are the Chinese Chicken Lettuce Cups, the Tacos Al Pastor and the Baked Sweet Potato Fries with avocado pesto dipping sauce.  Salads are the star here, so if that’s what you have in mind, try one of their seasonal specialties or a tried-and-true favorite like the Antioxidant Orchard or the Lemongrass Chicken. There is the added “fun” part of their menu, where you can build-your-own salad or entrée and this is the area Greenleaf really excels at with a long list of options for customizing your bowl-of-green.

One perk to Greenleaf’s offerings is their catering service.  A much healthier choice (over the local rib joint) for office lunches and a great way to have someone else do the cooking for a special event. 

Greenleaf has two locations in Orange County, both in Costa Mesa. One is on 17th Street, one is at the SoCo collection on Hyland Avenue.

Have you already eaten at Greenleaf? Let us know what your favorites are, we’re always looking for something new to order.