Project Juice



I believe in juice, especially green juice - an organic, cold-pressed, creative combination, healing, healthy and delicious kind of juice. Not every green juice is created equal, some are much better than others, and that’s why Project Juice is my number one pick when it comes to juicing for nutrition.

Project Juice sets the bar high when it comes to quality. They source the best, certified organic produce with ingredients from local farms.  They get to know their farmers and, as a result, know where each fruit and vegetable comes from that goes into their cold pressed juices. They go beyond just choosing organic produce and have earned the official USDA Organic seal of approval on their juices, making them Certified Organic.  They use cold pressed processing, which retains the maximum vitamins and minerals. With each sip you take, you can be confident that you are getting the best produce available packed into a delicious drink.

Project Juice also offers an amazing variety of flavor combinations. There is more than the basic greens here.  Project Juice gives you options of seasonal juices, cleanses, dessert-worthy nut-milks, enhanced waters and wellness shots, too. If you aren’t sure where to start, try one of their kits. For those times you may have ‘overdone it’ on the weekend, they have a Weekend Recovery kit that will detox, hydrate and reset your body in no time. Their Defense kit is a must-have for cold and flu season (choose their wellness shots, too!) and if you have “gone Paleo”, they have a Paleo Pack for you as well. 

Their store locations offer tasty, healthy meals to go, but my favorite way to enjoy all the awesomeness of Project Juice is through my customized juice pack, which is delivered to my doorstep once a week.  I always have a few “greens”, a Beta Boost or other turmeric themed combo along with a seasonal blend and nut milk. There are so many flavor combinations, sometimes it’s hard to decide which to choose. 

How do you get yours? They have a website (if you are in their delivery area, it can come straight to you), six locations in northern California, two locations in southern California  (The Village Faire in Laguna Beach and a shop in Hillcrest in San Diego) and lots of partner locations. 

With so many locations and an option for home delivery, laziness cannot be an excuse to not include these amazing drinks in your weekly nutrition plan.  Give Project Juice a try and share with us what your favorites are.