Seabirds Kitchen




Some of the most delicious things I’ve eaten were from menu descriptions that didn’t tell the whole story. Spend some time at Seabirds Kitchen and you’ll know what I am talking about.  This popular food truck is also a restaurant at the LAB in Costa Mesa.

The menu offerings are created from organic, plant based and seasonal ingredients that include a wide variety of flavors and, whether you decide to eat lunch or weekend brunch, nearly everything will make your taste buds happy.  They use organic ingredients as often as possible; always local, in season, fruits and vegetables.  They skip the inflammatory oils and instead use rice bran oil and filtered lemon water for cooking and steaming.

Let’s talk taste! The Old Town Grilled Cheese is so delicious, it’s hard to believe that it’s dairy free. The perfect blend of cashew “gruyere”, basil avocado sauce and “provolone” grilled between two slices of sourdough, it gives a whole new meaning to comfort food.

The Burnt Brussels Sprouts are roasted with garlic, lime and dijon and their organic broccolini has its own flavorful twist with the addition of pickled peanuts.  The Butternut Enchiladas are tasty as is the Sourdough Flatbread which is simply topped with squash blossoms, garlic chili oil and maldon salt.  BUT, the show stopper (as far as I’m concerned) is the Beer Battered Avo Taco.  I first tasted these from the Seabirds Food Truck and fell in love at first bite. These beer battered, fried avocados with lime, cabbage and creamy Seabirds sauce are my favorite menu item and one of their most popular as well.

Seabirds also offers fresh kombucha that is locally made and on tap (this is also on the menu with ice cream as the Cha Cha float and in the Cha Cha Mosa with a splash of prosecco) and they have craft beers, too.

If you already like vegan food, you won’t be disappointed in what Seabirds has to offer, and if you are not yet a believer that recipes made without animal products can be delicious and satisfying, then go out on a limb and give Seabirds Kitchen a try. The hardest part will be trying to decide which menu item you like best.