Sejuiced Superfood Juice Bar

Sejuiced_Superfood _Juice_Bar


Sejuiced is my very favorite “go-to”, healthy, juice bar!  

I’ve been on a mission to find a great local Juice Bar because I’ve been very disappointed by most places, in particular, because of their lack of organic ingredients.  Well, along came Sejuiced Superfood Juice Bar to our local Corona Del Mar community.  Once I met founder/owner Kelly Meeker, and learned that Sejuiced strives for all organic as much as possible, I immediately became a regular customer and big fan.  They offer super healthy, all organic, cold pressed juices, smoothies, salads and more.  All-organic means no harmful chemicals like pesticides, richer taste and much better nutrition! Check, check, and check!

After speaking with Kelly, I completely understood her passion to do the right thing in providing the best superfood smoothies and cold pressed juices to her customers. I feel confident that her careful sourcing of organic, raw foods and ingredients is both unique and commendable.  They also provide all glass bottles for their juices and other various products, not only for environmental reasons, but also for our health.  Almost 95% of the Juice Bar competitors use BPA free plastic bottles for their cold pressed juices. What I also learned is that HPP stands for “high pressure pasteurization”, which is meant to kill any bacteria so the juice has a longer shelf life, up to 30 days. The problem is that this HPP process also kills the living enzymes in the juice. That sounds like a big waste of money, no thanks! It’s like eating a salad one-month later…hmmmm. I would rather drink “live” enzymes and nutrients in my fresh juice with only a 3-4 day shelf life than drink something that’s no longer alive.  It’s also great to know that Sejuiced pays their customers to return the glass containers for recycling.

I must share another exciting secret about Sejuiced. . .  while most places just offer the same packaged bars that you can find anywhere, they have "raised the bar" with the most amazing healthy treats they call “naughty desserts”. They’re all made in-house with 100% raw ingredients and use only natural sugars such as dates, honey, dried coconut, cacao, agave or stevia.  These are indulgent desserts that you don’t have to feel guilty about eating and yes, they’re actually good for you. These are truly irresistible and I often come home to discover that my husband has picked up some of these yummy treats for the two of us. Lucky me!

You can also learn more about the three Sejuiced cleanses at their website Kelly’s recommendation is the Superfood Cleanse, which is a combination of food and fresh juices and is apparently a favorite with her customers.