Provenance is a lovely farm to table restaurant tucked away in a quiet corner of Newport Beach’s Eastbluff Village Center.

The dining and bar area have a warm and lovely farmhouse contemporary feel.  It's open and relaxing and I love the fact that you can look outdoors from the glass walls and doors and see the organic garden surrounding you. Chef Cathy Pavlos is both the executive chef and restaurateur. She has been touted as being one of Orange County’s most unique, creative and dynamic chefs.

I love the outdoor patio area, which offers dining tables that are heated and partially covered. The entire patio is surrounded by a lovely 1300 square foot fresh garden that provides lots of beautiful fresh vegetables, herbs and fruit for Chef Cathy and her daily menus.

The menu is reminiscent of a Napa Valley eatery and it changes according to the seasons. Their terrific server Juan told me, that in addition to their on-site organic farm/garden, everything is locally sourced. Their wild, fresh fish comes from Santa Monica Seafood. The meats are humanely raised such as certified Angus beef, free-range turkey and chicken.  We started our evening with their fresh baked biscuits and honey butter. The biscuits have fresh yogurt in the ingredients, which makes them super moist, and the honey butter was really tasty. We discovered that the honey comes from a local bee farm in Irvine, unfortunately not open to the public. I don’t usually talk a lot about bread, but these little biscuits with honey butter made for a delicious little starter!

Onto my salad!  The “Freshly Clipped Garden Lettuce” sounds so basic and that is exactly what it is, so simple, yet oh so good! It comes with edamame beans, artichoke hearts, shaved carrots and fennel and is beautifully finished with olive oil, salt and pepper. The flavors were incredible because they were picked that day right from their onsite garden!

Next I had the New Zealand Sole on the Plancha, sitting on a bed of flavorful squashed potatoes and heirloom spinach. The crispy prosciutto sitting on the bottom infused the fish with amazing flavors. My husband ordered one of their specials that evening which was a generous piece of wild mahi mahi. It came with a colorful medley of butternut squash, small slices of brussel sprouts, edamame beans and a very thin slice of pineapple that added so much flavor to the entire dish.

To finish off our night we had to try the gluten-free “Apple Pie a la Mode on the Beach”: Caramelized granny smith apples, bourbon-candied pecan sauce, caramel and gingerbread crust with vanilla bean ice cream. Yummy!

We were very impressed with our entire dining experience and all the delightfully great flavors. I’m looking forward to coming back soon to try other dishes and check out more on their unique bar menu. There are several gluten free and vegetarian dishes available.

Health and Happiness!