Dinner Just Got Easier . . .


Thrive & Dine is excited to share our latest review on one of our favorite ways to enjoy delicious, organic meals at home without shopping or ordering take out.  You may already be familiar with the latest wave of meal delivery services.  You know, the ones where you sign up for a service that delivers a box of ingredients to your door for you to cook at home. There are a lot of options to choose from out there, but we have found only one that offers organic ingredients, the opportunity to choose which meals you want to eat each week AND now even offers kid-friendly, family meals.  Which company does all this?

Sun Basket! 

It’s like having a personal assistant who shops, preps your food for you and helps you feed your family without having to call the pizza guy.  Can you imagine: fresh, organic and non-gmo, local grown, responsibly sourced ingredients, all portioned and packaged and labeled and delivered right to your door? All you need to do is pull out the enclosed recipe card (with recipes by James Beard award-winning Justine Kelly) and start cooking. 

Sun Basket has also simplified the daily dinnertime struggles for families. Executive Chef Justine Kelly and Food Network’s celebrity Chef Tyler Florence, have teamed up to create fast, delicious meals that will satisfy the whole family. This includes your picky eaters and vegetable haters.  Even if you don’t have kids you may find yourself choosing the family menus. They are grown-up friendly, too.

Sun Basket beats the competition in many areas: sourcing of ingredients, cooking methods, creativity and flavor of recipes along with the ability to choose which meals you receive.  They offer paleo, gluten free and vegetarian options in any combination you like and the latest introduction of family meals is a great addition.  Their recipes are quick to make and easy to follow.

Be sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram (Instagram Stories, too!) to get sneak peeks at the SunBasket meals we are making in our kitchens.  Why not give it a try? You can get your first three meals for free by clicking here.  One more reason to love SunBasket… one healthy bite at a time.

Sun Basket 3 Meals Free