Thrive & Dine Favorites

We only partner with products and services that we love and use ourselves.  Thrive Market, Project Juice and Sun Basket are all a regular part of our stay healthy lifestyle.  If you want to give any of these a try, simply click on the links below and take advantage of special offers.  Your support helps us continue to bring you reviews of the best restaurants, food and products we can find to help you thrive, one healthy bite at a time.

Project Juice

Why do we love Project Juice? For the simple reason that Project Juice works with local, certified organic farms in creating delicious, nutrient dense, cold pressed juices that get delivered right to our front door.  We can customize our weekly juices and even add on wellness shots when it's cold and flu season.

Thrive Market

Thrive Market is our favorite for saving money on organic brands. Think of it like Costco meets Whole Foods... without having to worry about finding a parking space and standing in a checkout line. It's all delivered right to your door.  We save hundreds of dollars each year with our Thrive Market membership, which makes healthy eating easy and cost effective.

Sun Basket

While we love to eat out at a great Thrive & Dine approved restaurant, we love cooking at home, too.  But we know not everyone does. Sun Basket makes cooking healthy, organic meals at home as easy as can be. Choose from a selection of delicious recipes and the ingredients are delivered to you, ready to be cooked. No shopping, no measuring and everything comes in recyclable packaging. Sun Basket stands out above all the others because of their commitment to bringing you the best quality, organic foods raised in a way that cares for our planet and our bodies.  Most other meal delivery plans don't come close to matching those standards.